Hello, world.


Hello, world. (2023)
Risograph on 140gsm cupcycling paper, using soy-based ink.
29.7 x 42 cm

Multiple original artwork has been remixed and printed using risograph.

The original artwork in the remix:

The fox belongs to Raindrops keep falling on my head (2022), part of a series of collographs called Urban Wilderness.

The textured background is a super zoom in on a work-in-progress collograph.


The process

First, the two collographs original artwork are created using ex-plastic packaging over a period of time. Then the collographs are photographed, recomposed with more photographs digitally and finally printed using the risograph process. It must have taken a year from the beginning to here we are.

Note: each print have slight variations from the image.

* Risograph ink is soy-based and dries like ink on newspaper (touch dry).

DM for Instagram @andnand.studio if you have any questions about this work.