About the Shop

ANDNAND sells original artworks and ideas, made by Stephanie Pau at a studio in South London. 


Types of things you could come across in the shop:


Printmaking is a technique for making original artwork. Etching, collograph, tetrapak (drink carton!) printmaking involves an artist creating a plate/stencil, using metal, collage and tetrapak correspondingly, which is then inked up by hand and pushed through a press manually against wet paper to create the final image. It is a slow and beautiful process. 

Limited edition denotes how many artworks will be produced by the artist using the same plate/stencil. Each of them might have slight variation since the process is by hand. Sometimes, the variation might be more significant despite the same plate being used to produce the work - this will be labelled as a variable edition. When they are gone, they are gone. There is no restock. 


There are many kinds of zines. Generally speaking, they are small circulation, self-published text and/or visual work by or appropriate by the maker. Often a copy machine - for example, photocopier, risograph, is used. They are very much DIY’d. 

A one-page zine is a zine that is constructed out of a single page, often printed on both sides so there are 8 pages to flick through and a work that fills up the entire page when the zine is opened up.  



Stephanie Pau explores collective imagination and futures thinking through practice as a participatory speculative designer and conceptual artist at Studio ANDNAND, through the mediums of printmaking, installations, design games and abstract larp. Otherwise, she can be found near tomato plants or urban wildlife (cats, foxes, squirrels, etc).